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New Multiplayer Geolocation Game
In View of 2015...

GLOBULA is a new genre game defined as MGMOGRCE (Massively Geolocation Multiplayer Online Game with Real Crypto Economy).

The action of the game deploys in a subtle high-frequency sphere of Reality existing on the top of the real human world. Synchronazation of the virtual and real worlds is reached by geolocational positioning of a player with GPS.

Submerging to the world of GLOBULA, a player discovers that there are many mysterious living creations (transformants) and temporal power resources existing against the background of familiar cities, forests and fileds. The transformants can be used in order to create new and undiscovered structures and forms.

The basic filed of activity for a player is hunting, mining and crafting. Having ballanced these fileds, the world of GLOBULA generates a huge hierarchical goods scale, which, together with the experience system of the player, allow to efficiently achieve certain game goals.

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